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Plan, design, build and manage highly effective sales funnels using
WordPress and Elementor

Whether you’re a non-coder designer who builds with Elementor, or an old school hand-coder like myself, there’s no denying the market for web design has shifted significantly.

In recent years, the new crop of drag-n-drop page builders have lowered the barrier of entry to the web design world.

Consequently, the market has been flooded with amateur “designers” who, in turn, have driven the price of web design down lower than it’s probably ever been before.

Every week the market becomes more and more competitive, and chances are you may have found it hard to charge as little as a $1000 for a full website, let alone command premium rates.

But unbeknown to them, those “designers” building their pretty websites are completely missing the point...

It’s no longer enough to focus on design alone.

These days, practically anyone with a laptop and access to pre-configured layout templates can build a visually appealing website in a matter of hours.

What separates those web designers making considerable consistent income from those that are just barely scraping by, is their ability to plan, design, and build highly optimised, automated websites that generate leads and sales on autopilot.

Ready to give yourself a competitive advantage?

Want to 3x, 5x, or even 10x your rates—using tools you already have access to?

The first step is understanding what a sales funnel is...

And how you can add immeasurable value when you learn how to plan, design, build, and manage them for you clients.

What’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a multi-step marketing experience that attracts ideal prospects, nurtures them, and ultimately converts the most engaged among them into paying clients and customers, who in turn, become brand ambassadors.

If you’ve just read the words sales and marketing and they’ve immediately conjured up images of loud, brash smarmy gits shouting at the camera while riding along in their self-driving Teslas….

Know that I’m about as far away from that mental image as you can get!

The very best sales funnels are built on three things:


If you want to build a rock solid foundation for your business -- and help your clients do the same -- it’s essential to realise you’re playing the long game. Spending time getting to know your subscribers, understanding their interests, and nurturing the relationship by sending them emails packed with...


This is the stuff great relationships are made of. Sharing value-packed content with subscribers is not just a way of getting to know them better -- it’s also an excellent way to give them a preview of the value you’d provide if they were to hire you, as well as a form of...


By sharing tips, knowledge, and tools for free, you’re not only positioning yourself as a trusted authority, you’re building up goodwill that will lead your most engaged subscribers to become your next clients when you send invitations their way.

Right now you might be thinking:

"This is marketing. What’s it got to do with me?”

In a word, everything!

If you’re here I’m guessing that you’re tired of competing with hundreds of other web designers.

Or haggling with clients, who don’t see why they should pay your prices when there are so many other designers out there, willing to do the job for less.

Instead, you want to gain a strategic and competitive advantage over the masses. You need to position yourself as the obvious choice for clients in your niche.

The way you do it?

By investing in your skills so you bring more to the table than simply the ability to build beautiful, clean websites.

Understanding the basics of key marketing concepts like lead generation, copywriting, and customer experience will give you the knowledge you need to ask better questions, provide better advice and guidance, and ultimately, build better websites that generate an increased ROI for your clients.

Once you learn how to position yourself not just as a web designer, but as a strategic partner and architect of automated lead generating machines, your perceived value—and your rates—will increase enormously.

The added bonus?

You can apply everything you learn to your own website as well, so you’ll never be stuck for clients or revenue ever again.

Who am I to be telling you all this?

I’m Dave Foy, and I’m about to show you how to turn every website you build into a highly optimised, automated sales funnel using the tools you already have on hand—WordPress and Elementor.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved helping people.

Fun fact: I’m actually a fully qualified teacher!

For 10 years, I taught 5-11 year olds in the UK so I know a thing or two about breaking down tough-to-grasp concepts in ways that literally anyone can understand.

20 years ago, I built my very first website – yikes! In 2003 I turned pro and spent 10+ years in industry, building and optimising websites so they attracted highly qualified leads and made sales on demand.

When I started my current business, I applied everything I knew about sales funnels to my own website, resulting in rapid list growth, a string of profitable course launches aimed at non-coder web designers and a six-figure income in my first year.

As I’ve got to know my audience even better, I’ve realised many web designers are leaving precious money on the table, or missing out on projects altogether, because they’ve lost their footing in an overcrowded market.

So I decided to combine my passion for teaching, my down-to-earth and non-sleazy approach to marketing and my 20+ years web design experience, to create the ultimate course to help you generate better results for your clients and yourself.


No Fear Funnels is an instant access online course for ambitious non-coder designers, who want to learn how to build highly optimised, automated, lead and sales-generating websites with WordPress and Elementor.

Through a series of bite-sized, engaging video lessons, each of the eight modules create a logical progression.

I take you from basics of creating an ideal client avatar, right the way through to tracking your conversions with Google Analytics and Facebook ad pixels.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to use Elementor to do everything from building, optimising, and split testing opt-in pages, to building long form sales pages with multiple third-party app integrations.

Along the way, you’ll realise that in today’s market, it’s no longer enough to just build visually stunning websites.

If you want to build a profitable business that sustains you and your family, you need to start building intelligent websites that generate continual ROI for yourself and your clients for years to come.

What do you think clients would pay more for?

A visually appealing website? Or a visually appealing automated lead & revenue generating machine?

"This course is changing my life possibilities"


I had a lack of confidence that I could design what my clients wanted, so I still needed to bring in other people to do simple things.

I now feel I am in control of my projects! I work much faster and I have already made 3 client websites with 100% positive client feedback.

I definitely recommend this course to all non-coder designers out there struggling with web design. It’s changing my life possibilities. 

And don’t miss the benefits of being a part of the FB group, you always feel somebody got your back 24/7 🙂

“I was struggling with workflow and wrapping my head round WordPress best practice. I now have a system in place and can start a new project within half an hour from making my subdomain till starting the first page.

Dave is underpromising and overdelivering! The course is a great way to get set and ready to roll and feel confident with WordPress and Elementor.

It’s great value for money and you get a very supportive community for free!”

"Saved up to 50% in development time on each project"

Dave Wilson, Sea Kayak Hong Kong

“I’ve worked with WP for 5 years but didn’t realize I had all the bad habits and misunderstandings, so I was always hitting brick walls.

After Dave’s course, the fog has lifted, making life so much easier.

My workflow is now super streamlined. That’s the single biggest improvement by far. I have probably saved up to 50% in development time on each project since doing this course.

Can’t recommend Dave’s course highly enough.

Here's what you'll learn inside No Fear Funnels

Module 1

What's a Sales Funnel?

Module 2

Planning the Funnel

Module 3

Lead Conversion Engine

Module 4

Email Marketing

Module 5

Sales Conversion Engine

Module 6

Traffic to Lead

Module 7


Module 8

Next Level

Learning how to build automated pipelines of leads and sales is one thing -- implementing and optimising them is quite another.

As an experienced teacher, marketer,  and web designer, I know there are three bonuses I can provide to give you an even more amazing experience:

#1. Private Facebook Community.

Six months complimentary access to the No Fear Funnels Private Facebook Community.​

Whether you’re a freelancer, work for an agency, or run a micro-agency of your own, there’s one thing I know for sure — it’s hard to create in a vacuum,

Of course, your clients are there to provide feedback and approval on your work… but when you’re upping the ante (and your rates!) you can’t exactly go to them with questions about the whys and wherefores of integrating Calendly, or the optimal number of emails to include in a webinar funnel, can you?

When these types of questions arise or imposter syndrome kicks in, you’ll need a group of friendly faces for feedback, encouragement, and connection.

The No Fear Funnels Facebook group is full of awesome, super-friendly humans from all over the world, who are ready and waiting to welcome you, hold you accountable, and be your sounding board. I’m in there on a daily basis, reading and personally responding to every comment and question.

I love this group and I already know that you’ll love it too!

#2. Live Q & A Calls.

Six live Q & A calls for personalised feedback and mentorship.​

After spending a decade teaching and a further fifteen years working with and alongside coder and non-coder designers, I recognise that there will always be questions that are better answered on camera, as opposed to in writing.

As a No Fear Funnels student, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a live Q & A call with me every month, or for as long as you remain a member of the No Fear Funnels community.

All calls will be recorded and yours to listen back to forever.

#3. Regular Bonus Content.

Six months access to a carefully curated program of additional technical training, advanced tutorials, guest speaker presentations, and more.​

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals, you’ll be well on your way to turning every website you build into a highly optimised lead generating machine.

But here’s the thing with optimisation…

There are always new strategies to implement.

From copy, colour theory, and branding photography, to new plugins, email marketing providers, and automation softwares, there’s always a tweak to make and a new tip to learn.

I want you to be running your business in the most productive and most profitable way possible, which is why when you enrol in No Fear Funnels, you’ll also receive six months access to a growing library of next-step training tutorials and guest speaker presentations.

"The Facebook group is AMAZING.
It's the single group I visit all the time. Everyone is adding a group to their courses, but this is no fluff. It's the real deal."
Moses Kerub

"Dave and many others in the FB group provide amazing support, a very friendly bunch. It's one place where no question is considered a stupid question."
Derrick Greetham

"This is the best Facebook group I have ever known. I was about to leave Facebook too! But not after being part of this group."
Randy Sandberg

No fluff or filler.

Just highly actionable, best practice strategies that are proven to help you work smarter, not harder.​

There’s nothing I love more than to see the students I teach developing high-converting, optimised sales funnels more expediently than ever before.

As a web designer myself, I know better than anyone that you don’t have time to waste.

That’s why every watch-over-my-shoulder lesson inside of No Fear Funnels is only around 10 minutes long and gets to the point, fast.

Here's everything you'll receive when you enrol in No Fear Funnels

Plus these awesome bonuses

And of course...

No Fear Funnels is right for you if you...

"The content is incredibly useful for developing an efficient and effective website-building workflow."


“I am slow to spend money, so I’m usually happy reading free blog content to learn what I need to know.

Uncharacteristically, I dropped some money on Dave’s No Stress WordPress course. Every time I log on I’m so thankful I did!

The content is incredibly useful for developing an efficient and effective website building workflow. I can’t even imagine starting a new website project without the knowledge I’ve gained from this course and the support from the community. Enroll in this course! You won’t regret it!

And the Facebook group is incredibly supportive and helpful. If my course fee only bought me entrance to the Facebook group, that alone would have been worth it.”

"The smartest investment I've made for my professional development"

Elizabeth Qi, Web Designer

“I’m a web designer with very little coding knowledge so this course is exactly what I need. I’ve wasted countless hours trying to piece random blog posts together.

No Stress WordPress has no doubt been the smartest investment I’ve made for my professional development. My confidence in my ability to work in WordPress and Elementor has absolutely SKYROCKETED since taking the course!

Dave has logically structured the course in easily digestible modules and explains things in a way that makes it impossible not to understand. You can tell he loves to teach as well as see his students succeed. He always goes above and beyond. I’m so incredibly thankful.

"Even after 5+ years WP and 20 years web dev experience, I still learned a lot."

Stefan Kontrus

“Definitely one of the best training investments I ever made. Even after 5+ years WP and 20 years web dev experience, I still learned a lot.
Dave is a brilliant teacher. His course is very well structured and easy to follow. Support is excellent. I can highly recommend!”

“When Dave’s No Stress WordPress course came out, my initial reaction was “I don’t really need this“. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I’m so pleased I invested in it. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about WordPress, but he also happens to be an excellent teacher. He is also very generous with his time and the phrase ‘over delivers’ is very apt in his case.

Whether you are an experienced user or just getting started with WordPress, buy his course while you can. You won’t regret it and will gain so much.”

Are you ready for No Fear Funnels?

I created No Fear Funnels so you can get all the support and mentorship you need to build high converting sales funnels faster. Zero confusion & maximum confidence.

When you enrol in No Fear Funnels, you’ll no longer feel like a fraud when your clients talk to you about their sales and marketing goals, or nod politely believing they have absolutely nothing to do with you.

You’ll no longer waste hours of income generating time trawling through YouTube tutorials trying to figure out how deliver the optimisations you’ve promised your clients.

Enrol in No Fear Funnels today!

Get started with No Fear Funnels today. Risk-free.

The best-practice strategies that I teach in No Fear Funnels are the strategies that I have personally used in clients’ businesses as well as my own, over the last 20+ years.

They’re tried, tested and proven to help you plan, design, build, and manage highly optimised and automated websites that generate leads and sales on autopilot using WordPress and Elementor.

If you show up, apply what you learn and make the most of all the support on offer, I have absolutely no doubt that you will be off-the-charts delighted with the course.

That said, if you decide within 30 days of enrolling that you are unsatisfied with No Fear Funnels for any reason, I’ll personally refund your full investment. No questions asked. 

Here's everything you'll receive when you enrol in No Fear Funnels

Plus these awesome bonuses

And of course...

Enrol in No Fear Funnels today!

Got a question?

Your answer may well be here in the FAQ's below

No Fear Funnels is comprised of around X video-based lessons which are housed in a secure online classroom. Beneath each video you’ll find a text transcription, making it easy to see exactly what’s covered in each lesson.

As a qualified teacher, I recognise that different people like to learn in different ways.

If you’re someone who likes to dive in and find your answer to a specific question, you can do just that.

Alternatively, if you prefer to set aside chunks of time for your learning and development, you can binge each module Netflix style. The runtime of each video is around 10 minutes so theoretically you could easily watch all the videos in a day! Naturally, you’ll need to set aside more time for implementation.

To get the very most out of the course you’d need to at least have dabbled with WordPress and Elementor, though you don’t need to be an experienced user of either.

Absolutely! Provided you intend to use WordPress and Elementor, everything you learn inside No Fear Funnels can be applied to your own business!

While you won’t need to invest in any expensive monthly subscriptions for tools like LeadPages or ClickFunnels, there are a few things you’ll need in order to get the very best from the course:

  • A self-hosted WordPress website.
  • Elementor Pro. While you could achieve similar results with the free version, I won’t be covering these time-consuming workarounds in the course.
  • A page builder compatible WordPress theme. I’ll be using Astra and GeneratePress in the lessons, though if you’re already using another theme there’s no need to switch it out. 
  • An email marketing provider. Throughout the course I’ll be showing you how to implement everything I teach using the paid version of Drip, as well as the free version of MailChimp. While I far prefer Drip and find it A LOT more intuitive and far less fiddly, MailChimp will work fine for now. If you use a different service, don’t worry. Everything you’ll learn is applicable to most modern email marketing platforms, and I’ll be more than happy to help your individual situation.

It’s always my intention to recommend the very best tool for the job and, for that reason, please note this list isn’t exhaustive and is subject to change.

Not quite, but almost! If you’re starting right from square one, I recommend you also invest in No Fear Funnels’ sister course, No Stress WordPress.

No. I’ll be teaching how these traffic generation tools fit into the entire sales funnel process. But I won’t be teaching how to actually manage Facebook ads or Google Adwords campaigns. That’s a whole other specialist training.

Nope, not if you don’t want to — but students typically get lots of extra value from being a member, create online and offline friendships and referral partnerships and take the opportunity to network and ask questions about things that aren’t even covered in the course. If you choose not to join, you’ll almost certainly miss out on all this!

When you see something that you know you need, it’s easy to think to yourself “I’ll put this off until a better” time. The only trouble is, no such time exists and before you know it, you’ve wasted weeks of income generating time and you’re still frustrated and dissatisfied. 

Part of my role as an educator is to hold you to the same high standards that I hold for myself and encourage you to take the decisive actions.

That’s why I only ever offer No Fear Funnels for a short period of time — to help you quickly decide whether it’s the right option for you so you don’t waste time procrastinating or avoid making a decision.

And don’t forget, when you enrol you have lifetime access to the eight foundation modules, including all future updates, so you can easily invest now and pick it up when you have time knowing the content will always be relevant and up to date.

When it comes down it, the question of whether No Fear Funnels is worth the investment is really up to you.

Of course, you can trawl through thousands of YouTube tutorials containing competing and differing advice and spend countless hours trying to band-aid useful snippets together.

Or you can make a one-time investment in No Fear Funnels and receive lifetime access to a course that promises to make building high converting, lead and sales generating machine easier than ever before.

The tough love bottom line?

When you decide to join me, you’re investing in more than just an online program – you’re investing in yourself and your future profitability.

Payment can be made with any major credit card or with PayPal.

Yes, absolutely. This is slightly more expensive in total than paying in full upfront, to account for extra admin time and costs.

As soon as you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive two emails from me via my company name, Design Build Web.

The first will confirm you have been enrolled in No Fear Funnels and the second entitled “How to redeem your copy of No Fear Funnels” will ask you to confirm your email address and set a password to enable you to access the course securely.

You’ll find instructions for how to join the private Facebook community inside the course itself!

I’m pretty sure that once you step inside No Fear Funnels and get a taste of what it feels like to be a part of such an awesome global community, you won’t want to leave.  

That said, if after 30 days of working through the program you’re dissatisfied for any reason, I’ll gladly refund your full investment. Simply email me at support@designbuildweb.co and we’ll get it sorted.

The competitive advantage you need to set yourself apart.

No Fear Funnels won’t just help you build highly optimised and automated websites that generate leads and sales on autopilot using WordPress and Elementor, it will give you a competitive advantage will make you an obvious choice when it comes to hiring a web designer.

Enrolment closes in…